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Auto Transport


The procedures involved in the car transport services are highly dynamic in nature. They can vary depending on the nature of car, its size, make and model. Many of the long distance movers between states will be using the closed type of containers, while the local movers might prefer the open type o containers for shipping a car.

Sipping a Car – Notable Parameters

The notable parameters of shipping a car are the quotes you receive from DITY Moving, our infrastructural facility, container options, car dimensions and space-occupation etc. At DITY Moving we are able to consolidate or split all the related parameters based on the kind car being packed and sent are within the truck folding volume.

    • The size of our container trucks for car transport can be customized according to the car dimensions. This will ensure long distance carrying of the vehicles with zero damages.
    • The cargo insurance we arrange is based on the type of cargo, weight, volume and other relevant parameters. At DITY Moving we take care of keeping the insurance and service charges to be the lowest.
    • The stacking procedures for the auto packing have undergone lot of changes in the years so far. In case of closed containers we are able to keep the minimum number of vehicles per every staking space. In the multiple stacking procedures are good if the container is packed sufficiently and has more than one layer. On the contrary, the open containers offer flexibility during the transit. Our drivers and technical staff are able to distinguish between the two types and provide the maximum benefits by staking optimum number of cars in every stacking layer.
    • The loading methods used by us at DITY Moving could be ramp loading. These inclined structures can allow smooth loading and unloading at the point of contact. We are able to vary the lading angle to the maximum extent for heavy duty and large sized cars. They are highly suited for cars with maximum ground clearance. On the other hand we use lift gate loading for all the cars with minimum ground clearance space. Either way we are able to provide the best of protection for your car.
    • At DITY Moving we organize for the complete inspection of your car for transit insurance. Here we clearly distinguish between our company’s liability to you and the insurance claims you can make from the insurance agency. We have the professional relations with the top insurance agencies, offering the maximum coverage plans. Our effort at DITY Moving is to keep the premium and other costs within the affordable levels for you.

DITY Moving – Best Procedures for Shipping a Car

DITY Moving Car Transport Features Remarks
Winching This is the process by which we move your car intro the container. We suggest you keep the car battery full, so it becomes easy and cost effective for you while winching.
Stacking and locking The car racks in the closed containers can keep your car locked within the rack space. Since the container is closed in nature, your car doesn’t require additional packing. This will help you save on extra costs.
Open stacks They are mainly used in open trucks. We may need to provide added packing to your car for protection from external elements. The nature of open stacking is ideal for short distance transport, as it works economically. However you need to look out for weather conditions while moving.

DITY Moving –Customized Racking

The nature of customized racking we use for your car is best suited when large containers are carrying multiple racks in single shipment. However the efficiency of this system depends entirely on the dimensions of all the carts which can fit into the container.

    • Apart from wooden racking, we can also opt for metal racking in multiple layers. We ensure maximum support for the lateral and vertical directions for all the cars stored in each rack. This will optimize the way I which your cars can be loaded, transported and unloaded. This procedure is used when we need to avoid stress on the lower racks of the stack.

Shipping a car – DITY Moving Containers

At DITY Moving we have a sophisticated method for constructing the interiors of our containers for car transport. For all the practical reasons it resembles a racked warehouse with complete protective features. Your car won’t move an inch regardless of the vibrations from the external areas of the container. Moreover the exterior wall of the container is designed and built for reflecting heat and humidity. Hence our trucks can carry your car across long distances in extreme weather conditions. You will be able to get the complete cost benefits of our services during vehicle transport with DITY Moving.