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Business Storage Services


The first time you learn about the commercial storage services of DITY Moving, you might wonder how it is possible to have such low rates. Once you experience our services you will be able to understand how we are able to do it. We are supported by the most energy efficient storage systems created and installed in our moving storage units by our experts. Every unit of energy we spend for protecting your cargo results in multiple times of output.

DITY Moving – Energy Efficiency is the Key

    • Our energy efficient storage units at DITY Moving are able to accommodate large volumes of multiple cargo types. We have a system of automated forklifts which carry your cargo boxes and palettes from and to the storage space. The ventilation and lighting systems are optimally maintained by our storage experts. We ensure long time storage for household articles, office cargo and other large and medium, sized articles from your home and office.
    • Generally we don’t entertain perishable materials. But if you have a special request for storing processed foods, canned beverages and other non-alcoholic beverages you can call our customer support listed in your website We will be glad to be of help depending upon the availability of resources and facilities at that time.
    • All our commercial storage units are equipped with the latest automated system of documentation, order processing and statutory process management. You will be able to get your cargo storage invoices, bills and other documents online in your smart phone.

DITY Moving commercial storage Features Customer Benefits
Storage space on the floor Plenty of clearly marked space. Your cargo is well protected from heat, humidity, fire and theft. You can stay relaxed for as long as your cargo is in our moving storage units.
Rack system at DITY Moving storage They are stepped up on each other with spacious cabins. You can opt for safe locking of expensive and precious cargo. We have the best facilities for storing expensive electrical and electronic appliances, machinery and equipment.
Automated cargo movement systems Large and medium size forklifts perform the task of moving, lifting and binning your cargo to precision. Your cargo is allocated unique Bin numbers which you can use for reference. All the invoicing and billing procedures happen on the basis of these unique codes.

Business Storage – Efficient Practices from DITY Moving

At DITY Moving we have adopted the efficient practices of commercial storage for your benefits. You can avail the shipping, receiving, storage and order picking services which make our moving storage complete at DITY Moving.