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Moving Services


At DITY Moving we have a policy of recruiting the most advanced heavy-duty trucks into our relocation fleet. Our consulting engineers know the importance of maintaining our competitive edge in the moving services market all over the US. Hence they help us in handpicking the most efficient trucks and transport vehicles. We practically put all of them into toughest tests in the extreme weather conditions for fuel efficiency, speed and load carrying capacity. This is one of the aspects which help in keeping DITY Moving ahead of competition.

Moving Containers – Best Dimensions for Maximum Volume

Our aim at DITY Moving is to utilize the optimum number of trucks for your shipments between the origin and destination. For this we take all possible measures to size your cargo to fit into our containers. At the same time we take care of protecting the original dimensions of your household articles and keep them protected from all possible damages during transit.

    • Our packing experts can pre-inspect your entire household items and help categorize them according to dimensions, volume and weight. We have special provision for packing the fragile and sensitive cargo. All the packing materials you get through DITY Moving are from the original manufacturers at the most economical rates. You can also get eh best of adhesives, cushioning materials and required accessories and consumables. We help in ensuring completely foolproof packing with appropriate labeling.
    • The next procedure we take up is the staking of cargo boxes in our moving containers. Since our experts know the net volume and space requirements in advance, we are able to provide you with the most optimized containers. You have the option of choosing single or multiple container trucks depending on the cargo volume. This is a facility we provide for FCL shipments at cost effective rates. For the LCL shipments we offer you the option for consolidation with other customers who are moving to your destination. This approach helps in reducing the costs per container you pay.

Moving Trucks – Efficiency on Wheels at DITY Moving

At DITY Moving we have the policy of selecting the most efficient trucks for moving your cargo over long distances. Fuel efficiency, speed and endurance of extreme climatic conditions are the basic quality parameters we ensure.

    • All our trucks are outfitted with the latest communication gadgets and equipment. Our truck drivers are able to find the most optimized and free routes while moving your shipment. We use this option only when we need to address your emergency needs. Otherwise we follow a predetermined path which helps in saving fuel and reduce the time of transpiration from the origin to the destination. Moreover you will be fed with the cargo tracking information on your smart phone and email regularly.
    • Our truck drivers have the relevant experience and expertise in traveling across different states in the US. They are familiar with all the cities, counties and interior routes leading to your destination anywhere in your state. This is one of the main reasons for you to choose DITY Moving. When you take a practical analysis of the service architecture at DITY Moving, you will find many interesting facts which make us the top service provider in the industry.


DITY Moving – Flexible Service Architecture

DITY Moving Service Architecture Features Customer Benefits
Containers for moving trucks Multi dimensional with vast range of cargo volume You have the option for selecting FCL or LCL shipments depending on your need and budget.
Quality of moving supplies We have direct contacts with manufacturers and service providers for packing material, trucking consumables and other supplies. You get the materials at lowest possible rates at your doorstep just in time.
Statutory procedures for moving services We handle all the procedures related to customs, insurance, taxes, security clearance and others. You get hassle free access to statutory clearance procedures at your fingertips.
Communication Network At DITY Moving we have the most advanced systems and network across the entire US. You get instant details of your cargo tracking online. You are able to convey your changes in priority and schedule to our helpdesk in real time. They in turn can contact the workforce and get the changes implemented just in time.

DITY Moving – Vast Range of Moving Supplies

At DITY Moving we are able to find the vast range of moving supplies for the residential and corporate relocations. Our expert workforce can advise on the most efficient selection of corrugated boxes, wooden pallets, adhesives, plastic coated metal packing and fastening strips etc. At DITY Moving, we ensure maximum protection to your residential and corporate cargo with the moving supplies. Our infrastructure is flexible enough to accommodate all your needs for moving services.