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Moving to DC


Residential and corporate relocation services from DITY Moving are aimed at providing the all-round benefits of speed, accuracy, cost effectiveness and hassle-free shipment. Our procedures start with pre moving analysis and scheduling. Our expert team can assess your cargo size and volume to give you the best possible quote. This will also help us in organizing the trucks, packing materials, manpower and other required sources on time.

Moving to DC – DITY Moving Planning and Execution

When you do the cost comparison of our quote with the others in the market, you will realize the volume of savings you can do with DITY Moving. But you might be surprised at how we are able to do it so effectively.

    • Shipment through dedicated network of highways gives us an edge over the others, due to our fuel efficient and fast moving trucks. Our technical team is able to keep them in the best of working conditions through maintenance. Hence they can carry any volume of cargo with zero pollution and waste of fuel.
    • Our route planning experts are highly familiar with the complete route map of all the highways and connecting roads within DC. Our trucks can ship your cargo within the shortest possible time, avoiding traffic jams on the way.
    • We have a unique method of individual and consolidated shipping which give you the options for FCL and LCL. We are able leverage the costs through these two methods in an effective manner.
    • Our shipment plant starts from the stage of insurance coverage till the delivery. All the intermediate processes like packing, loading, stacking, transport and unloading are speeded up based on the delivery date.