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Moving to Delaware


The ultimate benefits of relocation services from DITY Moving is aimed at the mobile workforce employed at corporate, business, industrial and service industry. Our services are consistently being improvised and customized to suit the varied needs of our customers. We have a clear understanding of the procedures required for order processing, quote submission and completion of documentation and statutory clearances. Our scope of service can be extended on demand, when you are moving to Delaware from overseas.

Moving to Delaware – DITY Moving Efficiency

Before preparing the quote, our experts do a spot analysis for the size and volume estimation for your household articles. If you are moving from overseas, we can organize a visit and examination at the port of landing in the US. Once this is complete we can evaluate the costing involved in service charges, packing, insurance & taxes, transport and related activities. We always provide the most competitive rates for every aspect of service which is practically possible. We don’t include any hidden charges in the quote or vary the invoices significantly from the quote.

    • Our transport fleet consists of the most advanced heavy cargo trucks built with precision mechanical engineering parts. They can endure the extreme climatic conditions and carry large volumes of your cargo through long distances.
    • Our truck drivers have the experience of cargo transport across varied geographical locations across US and Delaware. Our driver allocation is based on their accident free record, reliable service exposure and knowledge of the geographical map from the origin to the destination. They will be able to deliver your shipment at the predestined location at the right time.
    • Our insurance coverage protects your cargo from natural disasters, fire, theft and other accidental damages as applicable and valid.