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Moving to Maryland


You will need the cargo storage services at the origin port, destination or during transit, depending the conditions that arise during transportation. We at DITY Moving can accommodate all your cargo boxes, palettes and other forms of packed household items in our well-furnished storage facilities.

    • Standard storage at DITY Moving is reserved for furniture and fixture, electrical appliances, and household articles from your bedroom, bathroom, drawing room and kitchen.
    • Storage racks are meant for fragile and sensitive items packed and labeled as “fragile”. At our warehouse our staffs give special attention to such items while moving, stacking and retrieving. But all the boxes carrying such items should be clearly marked for staking direction along with the label. This will help our personnel identify and segregate them clearly.
    • We have a system of clear binning and bar coding for the special items of high value. You can avail this kind of facility for expensive household items like the electronic gadgets, electrical appliances, communication devices etc. But you need to pack them according to the specifications (refer OEM guidelines) from the manufacturers. Again, they have to be labeled with the details of value and other markings according to DITY Moving guidelines.
    • You need to seal all the boxes with the standard adhesive tapes according to the size and weight. The service personnel shall not be held liable for any of the damages happening due to packing defects. Hence we urge you to get the packing done by professionals who are certified to do the job. At DITY Moving we can provide you with assistance in packing to the levels of your requirement and our terms. You will be able to get the best quality packing materials directly from the manufacturers by contacting our helpdesk.