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Moving to Michigan 


The process of clearing the statutory procedures related to customs, insurance, tax and others could take lot of your time, unless you have DITY Moving to take care of them. We have a team of financial and customs experts, who can prepare documents, get required approvals and clear the shipment. We make sure you don’t need to pay unnecessarily while moving to Michigan.

Moving to Michigan – DITY Moving Speed

Once we clear your cargo and load in to our truck(s), we can ensure speedy transport regardless of the distance. Our network of franchises can be reached from any of the (sea/air) ports. Once we receive the confirmation of your order our trucks arrive at the specified location on time.

    • The first aspect we take care of is the route planning. We always choose the shortest distance. If the volume of traffic is too high we can plan the movement at relatively free time, if you have intention of cost saving alone. Otherwise we can select the least congested path to the destination which makes us reach earlier. Though the distance is relatively longer you have the benefit of saving on time.
    • We can arrange for transit storage services from DITY Moving at any point of your requirement. Our storage facilities can accommodate all types of residential and corporate cargo with ease. The cost we charge per unit volume per unit time is the cheapest you can find in this region.