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Moving to Nevada

You would obviously like to have all the above listed services from DITY Moving, apart from assistance in cargo insurance, customs clearance (wherever applicable) and other statutory procedures. You would be glad to know many of the old routine taxes are being relaxed with latest regulations. If you are unaware of such benefits you can always talk to our helpdesk to get more information. You need to take care of special procedures, when you are moving to Nevada from an international port of origin. Our expert consultants can help you go through with all the statutory procedures clearly.


Moving to Nevada – Packing is the Key

The packing procedures followed by DITY Moving takes care of standard procedures advised for the packers and movers. We take special care of cushioning, padding, nailing, sealing and wrapping procedures for all types of cargo. As far possible we try and pack the cargo in cardboard, paperboard, wooden and plywood boxes and palettes. This approach gives maximum protection to all kinds of cargo, when the boxes and palettes are cushioned. At DITY Moving we have the best of facilities for all such packing procedures from professionals.

DITY Moving – Dependable Trucks

At DITY Moving we have an entire fleet of high end trucks with all the latest gadgets and equipment. They are known for fuel efficiency, load support and optimum speed on the highways. Our team of mechanics keeps the trucks in best of working conditions. We perform all the required corrective and preventive maintenance procedures in order to keep our trucks working for many years in the future.

The latest technology based gadgets and equipment on board our trucks help the drives in optimizing the route selection. They can also send cargo tracking messages to your smart phone while moving to Nevada.