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Moving to New hampshire


Protection of your cargo through insurance coverage is given top priority at DITY Moving while moving to New Hampshire. We have professional association with the best cargo insurance agencies in all the states in the US. Hence we can provide you with the optimum rates for premium, service charges and other overheads. Of course the tax part is something you simply can’t avoid.

Moving to New Hampshire – Some Considerations

According to the insurance regulations certain items are not covered by cargo insurance. All the prohibited items are listed under this category. They also include used electrical and electronic equipment with no manufacturer warranty, wooden items, lumber etc. We suggest you take the help of our insurance experts while including the household items for coverage.

    • The terms for insurance coverage could vary depending on the nature of material, probability of damages during transit and other terms from the insurance agency. You need to be clear about these aspects. Our experts can guide you in this aspect clearly.
    • The premium value and service charges also might vary based on similar terms. At DITY Moving we take maximum care for keeping these charges within optimum levels. However the state and insurance agencies terms will have the final say in these aspects. In such cases DITY Moving will not be responsible for the variations in the rates.
    • Make sure you have packed all the insurance covered items according to the instructions from the agency. Any relaxation in following the guidelines can result in the insurance coverage being declared as not applicable. Our experts at DITY Moving will be able provide you with the best guidelines in this regard. Our aim is to ensure comprehensive insurance coverage to your expensive household articles while moving to New Hampshire.