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Moving to Sacramento


The most efficient way in which you categorize your cargo with DITY Moving helps in simplifying the packing procedures. For example you might be able to group them based on appliances, utilities, clothing and furniture & fixture. It is better to put electronic gadgets in insulated boxes with inner layers of cushioning. The experts from DITY Moving suggest you seal them with adhesives and label the separately. Our consultants can provide you with similar tips for packing every kind of articles after categorizing them with their help.

DITY Moving – Avoid Prohibited Cargo

You need to avoid chemicals, acids, paints, alcohol and other flammable materials on board our trucks at DITY Moving. Some of the others are perishables, explosives, crackers and other types of hazardous materials. You can get a complete listing of the prohibited cargo from our helpdesk. You could also write an email to our customer care and get a copy online.

Moving to Sacramento – Packing Material Selection

Weight withstanding capacity of the packing materials can be measured in terms of GSM at the basic level. Gain the standards can be applied to the number of layers used in making the materials. For example the 3 layer corrugated paper box can be used for packing clothes, upholstery and other medium weight items.

On the other hand you can use the cardboard box of the same size for packing relatively heavier items like steel and metal articles. The wooden pallets are said to be ideal for appliances like refrigerator, washing machine and other medium to large size equipment. Once you are clear about the categorization and packing practices at DITY Moving your experience of moving to Sacramento will be hassle free.