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Pre-Move Responsibilities


Our checklist for moving consists of all the services provided by our company DITY Moving. The list starts with the shipment plan and ends with delivery of cargo at the destination. We provide copy of this list to you, so you can keep track of the proceedings step by step. You will observe we are able to complete each phase in the list with precision and efficiency. The other benefit you get from the list is customization. You are free to suggest any modifications to the process flow according to your changing requirements. The only requirement is you need to inform us in advance before the completion of the previous phase through mail. We will be glad to accommodate your request.

Moving Planner – DITY Moving Design and Action Plan

Arranging the packing materials is the first step in our moving checklist. We do it with the help of manufacturers. Before that our team conducts a detailed analysis of the packing requirement at your origin location. We segregate all the household items based on size, volume, weight and type. Then we are able to evaluate the number, dimensions and type of corrugated boxes.

Stages of DITY Moving checklist for moving Action Plan
Pre shipment Analysis Study the detailed shipment requirement.
Quote Submission Rate Calculation
Shipment plan Detailed Analysis
Packing procedure Requirement analysis, material procurement & procedural plan
Loading and Stacking Loading and Tacking Plan
Transport Route planning and shipment execution
Documentation and clearance Hassle free procedures

DITY Moving- Efficiency Model

Efficiency model at DITY Moving –Customer rating

  • Pre shipment Analysis: – We Segregate the cargo and evaluate packing material requirements. In fact this stage comprehensively covers insurance, container allocation, route planning, scheduling etc.
  • Quote Submission: – We calculate the rates for shipping, storage, insurance, cargo clearances and other statutory procedures. Then we submit the quote.
  • Shipment plan: – Availability & Efficiency Evaluation of trucks, manpower, packing materials, and communication channels etc.
  • Packing procedure: – We execute the planning procedure after obtaining the required materials. Our professional approach ensures completely safe packing for all types and sizes of cargo. We can also perform the labeling as per your requirement and sipping standards.
  • Loading and Stacking: – Our truck(s) and loading team arrive at the location on the specified date and time. We load and stack your cargo in the container(s).
  • Transport: – Our designated trucks carry your cargo to the assigned destination (we can arrange for transit storage if required) and deliver.
  • Documentation and clearance: – This is a process which we execute in parallel. This includes statutory requirements, insurance, cargo clearance etc. At the end we prepare the invoice ad billing for payment clearance. The method and mode of payment depend on the decision of our management at DITY Moving. Our aim is to keep improving our quality standards at all levels.