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Residential Moving Services


At DITY Moving we provide all the infrastructural frameworks for the top-quality packing materials. At the same time we ensure best practices of cargo packing for the residential and corporate clients. In fact we follow completely different set of methods for the two segments. Our customers get the benefits of personalized packing procedures based on size, volume, nature and weight of the cargo.

Moving House – DITY Moving Procedures

The procedures we adopt at DITY Moving for the packing services are in conformance with the industry standards and EPA regulations. We ensure the used materials are eco friendly in nature and free from any kind of carbon and chemical emissions.

    • Pre-packing Inspection: – Our pre-packing inspection of the household and office cargo is useful in the segregation of items. We will be able to calculate the accurate dimensions of the boxes and palettes as well as their required numbers. At the same time we are able to disassemble any size of furniture to make the packing procedure simple. For this we use large size wooden panels, fasteners, metal strips and other required materials. These materials are helpful in sizing the packing according to the furniture size, rather than the other way around.
    • Cargo Categorization: – When it comes to household items from kitchen, bathroom, drawing room and bedroom you will think of getting 100s of carton boxes for while moving house. Our experts can suggest the most appropriate methods of grouping them according to specific parameters. Very soon you will see they are packed efficiently by our moving house team cost effectively.
    • Packing Customization: – Since we arrange for the packing materials from the manufacturers, most of them are available in uncut forms. We can procure them in bulk to cut and size them based on your cargo size and volume.

DITY Moving- Professional Packers for Corporate Clients

Our corporate clients have varying needs for packing and labeling of cargo. If you happen to be a corporate company head wishing to relocate your office, you have found the right place to get complete solutions for your packing and moving needs.

    • At DITY Moving we are able to bring the most accurate packing for all sizes and volume of office belongings. Before we carry on with the actual packing, we need to examine the cargo for its content. For example we need to empty the refrigerators, unplug the cables turn off the freezer and take care of several other settings. Similarly our procedures for the photocopying machine, fax machine, computer hardware and others vary. Once we have completed the pre packing procedures we are ready to pack your cargo.
    • We use the most appropriate kind of packing materials based on the nature and size of items being packed. We use the right kind of filling and cushioning materials within the internal walls of our boxes. This is to eliminate the effects of vibrations during the transit. In most of the cases our containers are fitted with slots which hold onto the cargo boxes, is it on the container floor or the racks provided within them.
    • We choose the right kind of adhesives, fasteners and screws depending on the cargo weight and size. Our aim is to eliminate the possibility of package breakdown during loading, transit and unloading at the destination.

DITY Moving –Top Packing Procedures

Packing materials used by DITY Moving Safety parameters Customer Benefits
Corrugated paperback Boxes (multiple dimensions) They come with single and multiple liners across the corners. They also have single or multiple layers of thick paper. Your cargo gets the best of insulation from heat and humidity. Highly recommended for fabrics, upholstery and carpet materials.
Corrugated cardboard boxes (multiple dimensions) They come with secure cushioning within the inner walls of the boxes. They are made of bubble sheets, foam and other polycarbonate sheets for shockproof characteristics. Polycarbonate sheets and bubble sheets can provide maximum protection from shocks due to accidental falls from a height. Best recommended for fragile and sensitive furniture, antique elements and glassware.
Corrugated wooden boxes (multidimensional) They come with solid metal strips and options for fastening nails. The inner walls can be layered with foam, polycarbonate or bubble sheets. Your large size cargo like refrigerator, washing machine, photocopy machine etc can be easily packed in these types of boxes.

Similarly you can find many other parameters we use for packing your cargo. As professionals we are able to give you the best rates for our packing services, which are unsurpassed by any other service provider in the industry. Once the packing procedures are complete, your cargo is ready to be loaded and stacked. We label all your boxes, palettes and other customized packing accurately for identification and stacking procedures.