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When you are unable to move the cargo into permanent storage units from DITY Moving, you can alternately utilize the portable & self storage facilities. Of course, they are limited in size, but large enough to accommodate the containers of DITY Moving. Some of the benefits are saving on unloading, moving and loading and separate space allocation. The system is self sufficient in nature and flexible enough.

Portable & Self Storage – Benefits

DITY Moving portable & self-storage Features CCustomer Benefits
Compact and energy saving in nature Self supporting storage units can be moved to any location without any geographical limitations. You get the best of rates for storing per unit of cargo per unit of time.
Customizable Options The options for refrigeration, warm storage and standard storage units can be utilized. You can store multiple types of cargo including those from food processing units (machinery, equipment and temporary storage for processed and packed foods & beverages)
Cost Effective They are highly cost effective in nature due to their mobility and compact size. You will be able to utilize them for all types of cargo which can be accommodated into the containers from DITY Moving.

DITY Moving – High Quality Business Model

At DITY Moving we have created and sustained the high-quality business model for residential and corporate relocations. You will be able to explore all our available for portable & self storage and select those which are applicable to your cargo.

Based on graphical representation of DITY Moving portable & self-storage, we have been able to analyze the trends among various categories of user. The corporate sector, which includes businesses, industries, service sector etc seems to be the maximum user. The next slot is taken up by the residential user, followed by the others.

    • The quality and diversity of storage and service range is best suited for ll sections of users. At DITY Moving we make a conscious effort to include all the users into our fold.
    • At DITY Moving we have an infrastructure of energy saving, cost effective and efficient storage systems. Since we are able to move them to any location, they can be easily connected to the truck and transport vehicles of DITY Moving.

Portable & Self Storage – Quality Parameters

The quality parameters which govern the portable & self-storage at DITY Moving are related to the quality policy and objectives of our company.

    • The services are available round the clock, from any origin to any destination. You will be able to avail the services by just making a call to the customer care center at DITY Moving.
    • You can get the customized services of portable & self-storage from DITY Moving. That means you will be paying only for the parts of the service used, utilized space and other options. This is considered to be highly cost effective for you.